Hi Friends, to the right is the cover to my new CD "The Other Side".  This is now available!!

Cuts from the CD can be heard on iTunes, Pandora, Spotify, CD Baby and many more music sites.  Look it up under Bobby Dibaudo.

The music on this CD is by no means like the traditional jazz I usually play when you see me out. Instead it contains 9 of my original tunes, some written over 30 years ago. A few, spirited/funky pop oriented, a few ballads, one a vocal sung by the great Ronnie Leigh, with words written by my youngest daughter Sierra when she was 17, the other is emotional, lush, rock oriented with a great rock guitar solo, a 12/8 soulful bluesy gospel tune with a great blues/rock guitar solo, and a hot upbeat latin fusion tune.

The great musicians featured on this CD and their instruments are listed below. You can hear samples of each tune and purchase the physical CD, or individual tunes, by clicking the CD Baby link below the musician list. This CD will be on iTunes shortly and several other popular music web sites. I will also be selling the CDs on my gigs.

Thanks for taking an interest!!!

Steve Curry - Drums

John Robert Viavattine  - elec. bass

dave zaskoda - elec. bass

mark balestra - elec. guitar

ethan porter - elec. guitar

doug stone - saxophones

ronnie leigh - vocalist on "i'll always see the best in you"

freddie colon -= percussion

tony paddilia - percussion


The Other Side.png